Under the topic ‘The Space Revolution’ IKEA Spain and La Casa Encendida (Madrid), joined forces with a main objective: invite us all to reflect on the impact design changes have on cities, homes and their inhabitants. With this purpose, they organized 3 days of lectures and workshops, which should be held in a convenient space, adjusted to the topic. And there came the contest.

LUMEN was conceived as a neo-domestic space. As a democratic auditorium where anyone could feel welcome and be at ease, and why not, take off their shoes. After reflecting on the key elements one needs to generate this kind of homey environment, we decided to base the proposal on three main features: a sofa, a table and a lamp. Playing with the scale of these daily objects to best fit the event’s needs, we came up with a space that offered as diverse possibilities of use, as varied would be the users.

The sofa was composed by stage flooring, set peripherally and covered with rugs and cushions, generating a massive welcoming area. The central piece of furniture was composed by many normal tables. Just by joining them, we got a massive one that could either serve as a surface for workshops, a stage for lectures, a catwalk for instant-fame moments… or any other thing users could come up with. Presiding the room, there was a huge lamp. Made out of IKEA VUKU wardrobes, it symbolizes common wisdom and shared knowledge. Because sharing matters.

    • TEAM:
    • 2BOLD
    • La Casa Encendida, Madrid
    • Architecture
    • 2019

How will the auditorium of the future be? How will we develop a workshop? What kind of spaces are we requesting more and more often…?

When thinking about the future, our imaginary is usually filled with synthetic materials, bright colours and unusual lightings. But, what if, instead of dreaming a dystopian visual landscape we focused on rethinking the way we do things?

This was LUMEN’s starting premise.
This knowledge exchange landscape is shaped as an iconic, massive living-room-for-all.

Composed by a sofa, a lamp, and a table, this neo-domestic space, offers the possibility to deliver workshops, lectures and other activities in a different way.

Because, maybe, the conventional relationship between public and speaker is obsolete. Because, maybe, a workshop can be delivered on a sofa. Because, maybe, the future is now.