1 OUT OF 7

The main design tool when facing any project, no matter its nature, is “The Idea”.

An abstract concept that’s specific and unique for each project, its raison d’être. A condensation of intangible characteristics such as value, or history, into a comprehensible term.

After finding this Idea, the whole design process will be focused towards translating it into the subject of design (whether an architectural or conceptual design).

This overarching strategy, will have as a result the generation of an identitary atmosphere.

One with the power to communicate a message of its own, inviting us to relate to it in specific ways and leaving, finally, an imprint in ourselves.


2 OUT OF 7


Keeping a fun approach towards life is one of our key targets. We love tasteful humour. Silly humour. Subtle. Dark. Dada. Naive. Any kind of humour!

This attitude has an impact on everything we do, since we firmly believe that any kind of work developed with joy is, by default, so much better.

From the process to the delivery. For all the parts involved. Therefore, laughing on the day to day and developing projects that take a smile out of their users, are essential to our philosophy.

Because let’s not forget it: we came here to enjoy.


3 OUT OF 7


Isn’t the world fascinating? The more we know, the more we realize how much there is still to be discovered. And it’s exciting indeed.

This is why, when facing any challenge, whichever its nature, we try to look at it with fresh eyes, forgetting all our assumptions and trying to grasp its particular essence.

This eager to discover, linked to a nourished range of particular interests, experiences and curiosity as a way-of-life, leads us to connect dots that might seem really far away at first instance…

Research and innovation are a core part of our day to day, since trying new things is the most efficient way we’ve known so far, to get to new places.


4 OUT OF 7


Each project is The Project. Being every process particular and irreplaceable, this is the only one formula we stick to every time. And the main ingredients when talking about excellence are, without doubt, coherence and persistence.

A round project is so to the degree its different scales are: the idea has to be reflected on the main strategy, but also, and equally importantly, when we zoom in onto details.

Having a network of professionals that can help us deliver the same degree of quality in every aspect, through their expertise and dedication, is a crucial part of our way of doing.

Because to make it count, we should keep present that every whole is the result of each of its pieces.


5 OUT OF 7


Our human essence is undeniably (and unavoidably), linked to the environment. Our body is shaped in such a way that any external stimulus will be perceived.

Nevertheless, the increasing amount of information we are submitted to, has led us to somehow disconnect from this perceptions, but it does not mean it’s not happening.

Having this in mind and knowing the effect our senses have over us, we are determined on generating atmospheres that keep this present.

Paying attention to the message any kind of haptic information will be sending to its users, what means: always giving an extra thought to the relationship our skin, eyes and ears establish with materials, space, light and so and so.


6 OUT OF 7


Whenever you use your head to face a challenge, you get a solution. Whenever you add your soul on top of it, you get a great solution.

This is what we, ourselves, call Passion: the need to get deeply involved in the process in order to make it remarkable.

Being moved by what we do is an essential part of our DNA. It leads us to get excited everyday and work (play) restless until the result is the best we can get.

Because life’s too short spend it doing meaningless things, and in the end, as we all know, passion makes the world go round.


7 OUT OF 7


Human greatness lies in our ability to collaborate. In the same way, the success of a project resides in the agents that took part in the design process.

Everyone has something to add, both, through their explicit and implicit knowledge, which goes from technical skills to personal perceptions. This is why, we are always eager to get to know new people, to understand them and learn from them.

Because when we are together, we all become so much wiser, and able, and, therefore, free.

One of our main aims is to team up, either with clients (aka co-designers), but also suppliers, users, manufacturers, and every other person that might be involved in the process. Everyone we meet leaves a mark on us. And therefore, on the projects.