Beonit has shaken up conventional Outsourcing. Their innovative proposal consists on transforming the traditional BPO model (Busines Process Outsourcing), into BTO (Business Talent Outsourcing®).

This disruptive approach required an according space that enhanced their experience, this is why, during a deep co-design process with their team, 2BOLD came to materialize this proposal for their headquarters in Madrid.

Their motto ‘The essential is invisible to the eyes’ was the key stone on which the whole experience grew. Designed as a self-discovery journey in which the candidates embark along with a recruiter-fellow, the key objective is to expand their professional horizon and make the most out of their capabilities and wills.

Underlying, the story of The Little Prince accompanies the candidate in the discovery experience, with hidden winks along the path that make the story present all around. These, invite us to reflect whilst generating a memorable experience through the iconic milestones.

The space is conformed as a succession of wrapping atmospheres, each inspired by a hidden value of Saint-Exupéry’s story, and meant to transmit them to the users. Feelings of safety, warmth, joy and, why not, fun, are evoked through a striking look&feel that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Because an experience that sticks to our memory will remain within us all the journey long.

Corporate value does not lie on processes anymore, but on people. Experience has proved that an effective team is any company’s main asset.

Understanding the importance of people over processes, Beonit decided to redesign outsourcing’s conventional model.

Thus, they developed a disruptive philosophy that shifted the focus from Process to Talent. From BPO (Busines Process Outsourcing) to BTO (Business Talent Outsourcing©).

This led to our starting point: they wanted to inhabit an environment that was representative of their DNA and fundamental values, generating a global experience.

Since spatial formulas from the past did not fit their innovative model, we decided to embark together in a co-design process towards the unknown.


A welfare environment makes us freer. An unexpected experience awakens our curiosity. A combination of both sticks to our memory. It becomes, therefore, memorable.

Generating a memorable experience was essential for Beonit. Their moto, ‘The essential is invisible to the eyes’, was the keystone on which the whole project was developed.

With the intention of enabling this search of the hidden, the space was conceived as a succession of wrapping atmospheres. These, will lead the users through a self-discovery journey, along with the companion of a guide (the recruiter).

The experience is splashed with iconic elements that talk, amongst other things, of the importance of flying, the ability to look further and the self-discovery. Through a collection of unexpected landscapes and objects, a sense of curiosity and expectation is awoken in the users, inviting them to keep discovering.

Because… yes, the most interesting is not usually the most obvious. It’s instead, a little bit further.