How do we consume food nowadays? What kind of imagery fills our eyes, minds and stomachs? 195 million publications are labelled on Instagram with the hashtag #foodporn. These pictures showcase colourful dishes, brilliant sauces and sizes that could hardly fit one stomach. All these photographs have some common drivers. Their exuberant aesthetics and lusciousness, showcase portraits that don’t match reality… But, what do we mean when we talk about ‘reality’?

We talk of humble, honest foods that simultaneously represent nourishment and pleasure, just through their rawness. Because food is a basic need we all should be able to access, and the pornography we are nowadays making out of it is degrading its role in our society. This is why, under Creative Morning’s ‘Inclusive’ topic, we decided to generate this installation in order to reconnect with the essence and bring attention back to some basic, democratic and highly nutritious aliments.

Enclosed in a silver totem (symbol of protection and hope), users could photograph 4 sets showcasing ancestral, pure foods, which essence has remained almost intact over the centuries. Olive oil, potatoes, wine and bread were shown raw, displaying that particular sex appeal only honesty can unleash. If you’ve read this, and feel the message is meaningful, we would like to:

1. Congratulate and thank you for being such a devoted reader.
2. Invite you to use this hashtag whenever you see this kind of beauty in humble, inclusive food.

Because food has to recover its dignity. And be, at last, a good for all. #foodpornofthefuture

#foodpornofthefuture design. 2BOLD.

195 million publications are labelled on Ig with the hastag #foodporn. But, what kind of images do they showcase? Is there anything we should rethink here?

In the era of image, we are constantly bombed with visual information. In such a competitive environment only the most luscious, attractive images are able to catch our eye.

And this is, somehow, determining the way we relate to the world. Even when it comes to basic needs, such as nourishment.

#foodpornofthefuture means to propose a new way of looking to foodstuff and retaking a healthy relationship towards it.

Enclosed in a silver totem, which honours its content, 4 basic elements are portrayed with a radically humble, but still sexy, honesty. Inviting the audience to discover them, triggering imagination and, over all: reflection.

#foodpornofthefuture experience design, 2BOLD, Madrid
#foodpornofthefuture silver totem, experience design, Madrid, 2BOLD
#foodpornofthefuture experience design, Madrid, 2BOLD
#foodpornofthefuture experience design, Madrid, 2BOLD
#foodpornofthefuture experience design, Madrid, 2BOLD
#foodpornofthefuture, experience design, Madrid, 2BOLD