When Ayuda en Acción and Chickenbrainken approached us, they had a dream: they wanted kids at Pío XII School to have their own rock band. Not out of the blues, but in order to promote integration and diminish school absenteeism and dropout. Summing up, the key point of this programme was generating new opportunities for pupils in a vulnerable situation.

Our main aim was developing a rehearsing room that made it possible to play rock instruments within the school day to day. But what is more: we wanted to bring the kids into a brand new Universe of their own. Running away from established aesthetic codes usually linked to education spaces, we dreamt of an acoustic bubble that did provide the necessary technical requirements, whilst helping enter a new unknown context, leaving prejudices at the door.

Set in a former storage room, the intervention was defined through 3 main features: its materiality, colour palette and section. Having very little resources, we decided to reuse discarded gym mattresses to condition the space acoustically. A soft and colourful skin, made out of fair carpet, defined the look&feel.

Besides, by modifying the room’s section, we generated a new geometry that integrated existing installations in the new design, and, last but no least, brought into the room the desired, playful and iconic atmosphere the kids deserved.

The close collaboration with the school team was key to make the project possible, since, without their energy, generosity and will to make an impact, none of this would exist. Because dreaming counts.

We wanted to create a space to dream. A capsule that had, somehow, the power to transport its users to a new context of their own.

And because kids are sensitive, magnificent beings, we had an extra challenge here: generating an aesthetic imaginary up to their capacities and sensitivity.

Modifying the section of the room was the main key to solving the brief both, functionally and in terms of look and feel. It allowed us to settle the preexisting installations over the room, whilst diminishing the acoustic reverberation.

Besides, the new shape of the ceiling, as well as the immersive use of colour, generated a brand new perception of the space which updgraded from a plain storage room, to a so-far-unknown type of space.

Since it was built, plenty of kids learn how to play an instrument each year in this room, and several bands are created within its walls.

And yes: they all rock.

Rehearsing room, construction by 2BOLD.
Rehearsing room, interior design by 2BOLD
Rehearsing room, interior design by 2BOLD
Rehearsing room, interior design by 2BOLD
Rehearsing room, interior design by 2BOLD
Rehearsing room, interior design by 2BOLD