Elia loves drawing. Mateo loves football. Almudena loves neuroscience. Zacarías loves music. This was the key brief. Their 3 floors plus a basement detached house needed an intervention to better suit their current way of life. After getting to know them better and understanding their relationships and day-to-day, we realised the house could somehow be related to a tree.

Around the trunk: the gathering point. The main intervention here consisted on the demolition of most inner walls and the expansion of the interior towards the garden. As a result, we got a multi-atmoshpere living room in which to spend their shared time. The crown, full of branches, twigs and leaves, got a filtered light system, resembling komorebi. Once inside Elia and Mateo’s personal spaces, a wrapping ambience of wood and sparkles of colour of their choice, gave room for their inner world to develop.The top of the crown, a double pitched openspace, hosts Almudena’s personal studio, as well as the couple’s bedroom.

By offering new, adaptive choices of lighting and storage, we got a clear area that allowed the users to adjust the atmosphere depending on their mood at each moment.

Connecting all the elements: the trunk. Or what’s the same: the staircase. Conceived as a piece of furniture that trespasses the whole house vertically, it accompanies the way up with its warmth. Thus, when reaching the top floor, a lush green spot (aka the corner-jungle) surprises the user whilst setting a landmark that says: ‘hey you, welcome to a whole new world’. Because warmth matters.

    • TEAM:
    • 2BOLD
    • San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
    • House refurbishment
    • 2019

The difference between a home and a house is that the first is a reflection of its users. The sum of their personalities, rituals and dreams.

Having this in mind, and after getting to know Elia, Mateo, Almudena and Zacarías, we realized the essence of their home might as well be linked to that of a tree.

With its stability growing from the calm basement up to the top of the crown, full of fresh perspectives and light.

The common are was turned into an open, fluid space, bringing natural light in and favouring the family members interconnection.

An extra dose of poetry and warmth was included in the kids living floor, in order to create the stimulating though calm cocoon they recquired.

Tree home,entrance. Refurbishment by 2BOLD
Tree Home, palette. 2BOLD. Interior design, Madrid.
Kid's room. Refurbishment by 2BOLD
Tree Home, palette. 2BOLD. Interior design. Madrid.
Main bedroom. Refurbishment by 2BOLD
Tree Home, palette. 2BOLD. Interior design. Madrid.
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